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Coming back down to earth.

Throughout history we humans walked, sat and slept on the ground, cultivated our land with bare hands and spent a lot of the time naturally grounded. However, today, we have become increasingly disconnected from nature by our modern lifestyle. Today we live in high-rise buildings, wear rubber and plastic-soled shoes and are surrounded by insulating materials such as plastics, synthetic fabrics, tar and asphalt that all disconnect us from the earth's energy and block this natural connection. We have deprived ourselves of the free electrons in the earth’s natural electric field, the nourishment that is right beneath our feet. We are missing out one of the most important sources of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that we have available to us. To add to this we are also bathed in a sea of un-natural man-made pollutants and electronic radiation such as from household appliances, mobile phones, wi-fi, microwaves and cell towers, which bombard us continuously with excess free radical damage to our tissues and cells. This further depletes our body of electrons and further increases the need for negative charge to balance out the positive charge.

Keeping your feet on the ground.

There is now quite a swell of evidence being accumulated on the benefits of grounding. There are now numerous studies showing how grounding - whether through walking barefoot in the garden, or using products such as grounding mats which connect to the earth ring of your standard wall socket, are providing some groundbreaking benefits to our health and well-being. (see the list at the bottom of this

Thermographic images highlighting areas of inflammation (L) before and (R) after using a grounding sheet

Current medical research has established chronic inflammation as the culprit behind most modern chronic illness. When grounded, the body is receiving a constant flow of free electrons, which is considered nature’s most powerful antioxidant. This allows the body to quickly neutralise any positively charged free radicals and maintain balance within body - the hallmark of chronic inflammation.

Researchers say that when we become grounded and reconnect with the Earth’s energy, our body is able to knock down these excess free radicals so that the body can heal and repair naturally, as it is meant to. It would seem then, that it's important for us to re-connect with this natural energy as often as possible maintain good health and counteract the damaging effects of modern living.

It would seem however, that our busy lifestyles means it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to reconnect to the soil in the usual way, and receive the promised benefits. Luckily there is technology out there which allows us to connect, without arriving to the office barefoot, (and probably limping!)

Grounding sheets, grounding mats, car seats, and even conductive socks, are being produced and sold to take advantage of the health benefits of grounding.

As any visitor to Roxedge will know, we always want our guests to have the the most amazing stay with us. So in celebration of Earth Day 2023, working with Earthing Revolution we are offering fitted earthing sheets to all the beds at Roxedge, So nestling under the crisp, pure cotton sheets is a Clint Ober earthing mat, and we are really interested in our guests feedback on how effective they are.

Published Papers and Studies:

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