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Outside Spaces

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." —Khalil Gibran

Large decked area with seating and dining furniture. With expansive views over the bay.

One of the first things that many guests notice about Roxedge, is the peace and tranquility.  The home is situated in such a way as you hear very little, if any traffic noise.  If you get up before the kids wake, and just sit in the garden with your morning coffee or orange juice, all you are likely to hear is the bird song.

Roxedge's outside spaces have been planned to allow everyone a choice of spaces to relax, unwind and appreciate the sea air.. 

Of course, when everybody is awake, it's  also a great place to entertain and be entertained!  Plenty of comfortable seating areas, decking and tables, along with a luxury built-in barbecue for those who like to keep it totally alfresco .   To the rear there is a large lawned area for kids to run and play, along with a sunken trampoline.  A large fire-pit, and to cap things off, are chance to unwind in the luxury hot-tub,

View of the rear garden, with hot tub, seating areas, and gym. Views over the ocean.
Large luxury multi-jet  hot tub with music system.  Available all year round.
View of the rear garden, from play area.
Outdoor kitchen with luxury built-in gas barbecue and granite work surfaces.
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