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Avoiding the Chaos

With 1000's of flights delayed or canceled over the last week or so, it's understandable why poor beleaguered holidaymakers may be reconsidering their options right now when choosing a family holiday. With this in mind, here are our 7 reasons to keep it British this year.

  1. Less time travelling, more time relaxing, With most UK destinations just a few hours away, it means you'll have more of those hours, chilling out in the hot-tub, enjoying time with your family, and generally removing huge amounts of stress from your life. Whilst other holiday makers, cope with airport queues, and waiting around for flights, you could be firing up the barbecue and drinking a glass of something cool whilst taking in some amazing views. Oh, and there's no baggage allowance!

  2. Amazing Countryside. It's easy to take our wonderful coast and countryside for granted, But just here in the South-West, we are blessed with rugged moors, glorious hills and tors, and of course the most awesome coastlines with hidden coves and prehistoric geology.

  3. So much to do. Whatever your passion, you'll find that there's something to keep the whole family happy. Whether its walking, sight-seeing, theme parks, go-cart racing, or visiting museums and art galleries, you won't be stuck for ideas on keeping everyone occupied.

  4. Save money. Once you've taken into consideration fuel, flights, transfers, extortionate airport food, and phone roaming charges, you could actually make quite a saving on your holiday costs. Money you can keep in your pocket or use to make your UK holiday even more memorable

  5. Easier with Kids. Taking young children abroad can be nerve wracking, Leave the stress behind, make stops on route as often as you like, even combine it with some sightseeing on your journey. You'll be saying "Yes" to "Are we there yet" sooner than ever.

  6. Bring your dogs. Your four legged friends don't need to be left behind, and we have miles of beautiful walks where they can run free and have the holiday of their dreams.

  7. It's better for the planet. Did you know that a European flight for a family of 4 can pump over 1500 kg of carbon into our atmosphere? To offset that, you'd need to plant over 60 trees!

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