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Grounding FAQs

We want you to have the very best experience when you stay with us at Roxedge, With this in mind we have teamed up with Earthing Revolution to bring  you the benefits of grounding.  All of the beds at Roxedge are fitted with  Grounding mats.  Here are a few answers to the questions you may have.

What is a Grounding  Mat?

A grounding mat is meant to replace the direct contact with the earth that we would get if we walked barefoot. In current Western culture, we seldom walk barefoot outside.

The earth’s surface has a negative electric charge, and when it comes in contact with human tissue, there is an equalization. The body can take on extra electrons and build up a static electric charge. This is called the Earthing hypothesis.

A grounding mat mimics the electric current of the earth and allows a person to bring the experience into a home or office. Most of the biochemical reactions in the body involve electron transfer.

Is there any solid research on grounding mats?

There is mounting evidence of the benefits of grounding mats. There are implications for sleep, biological clocks and rhythms, and hormone secretion.

It is well understood how electrons from antioxidants deactivate free radicals. We know these free radicals play a role in immune function, inflammation, and chronic disease.

2011 publication reported four different experiments examining grounding and its effect on human physiology. Electrolytes, thyroid hormone levels, glucose levels, and even immune response to immunizations improved with grounding.

Walking barefoot outside — weather and ground surface permitting — does have benefits, and those benefits transfer to grounding mats. Grounding mats are often used in these studies.  Research on grounding or earthing does show solid evidence of increasing your overall health through better sleep or lower inflammation or even better blood flow.  This research is typically done while a subject is sleeping, but some effects were even measured while subjects were awake. It took as little as an hour to make an impact.

Is there a danger of electric shock as it is plugged into a plug socket?

No,  There is only a single cable  - connecting the grounding mat to the earth pin in the socket.  There are no live or neutral connections.  There is no requirement for the plug socket to be switched on for the mat to connect to earth,

But what if the house is struck by lightning?  Would having an earthing mat be dangerous then?

No,  Even if the Roxedge were to be struck directly by lighting, the electricity from the lightning bolt will always find the easiest path to the earth.  So this is most likely to follow metal pipework to the earth's surface.   But, even if you were sleeping on an earthing mat, in a shed on the top of a mountain, directly connected to a lightning rod, there is a capacitor in the plug that would immediately burn out, severing the connection between the mat and the lightning strike.  In other words, it is completely safe!

I don't want to use the grounding mat.  What should I do?

It's ok, if you would rather not use the grounding mat, there is no requirement to remove the mat from the bed.  Simply remove the plug from the socket.


I want to find out more.

Follow the link to our blog on Earthing.  You will find lots of information on earthing along with links to scientific studies.

Where can I purchase my own grounding products?

The grounding mats we use are supplied by Earthing Revolution as we believe these to be one of the best in the industry.  However there are many other vendors of earthing products.  

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